Beauty and the Highland Beast by Lecia Cornwall

Beauty and the Highland Beast: A Highland Fairy Tale - Lecia Cornwall

Powerful and dangerous highlander Dair Sinclair was once the favored son of his clan, The Sinclairs of Carraig Brigh. With Dair at the helm, Sinclair ships circled the globe bringing home incredible fortune. Until one deadly mission when Dair is captured, tortured and is unable to save his young cousin. He returns home breaking under the weight of his guilt and becomes known as the Madman of Carraig Brigh.

When a pagan healer predicts that only a virgin bride can heal his son’s body and mind, Dair’s father sets off to find the perfect wife for his son. At the castle of the fearsome McLeods, he meets lovely and kind Fia MacLeod.

Although Dair does his best to frighten Fia, she sees the man underneath the damage and uses her charm and special gifts to heal his mind and heart. Will Dair let Fia love him or is he cursed with madness forever?


* I've got this book from NetGalley in exchange of an honest review*

I didn't expect to like it as much as I did. At first I thought, that it will be just another stupid erotic book, but it actually was quite good. Of course, there were places were I just had to roll my eyes, but also some parts were very intriguing and I just didn't want to put this book down.

I was pleasantly surprised, that the author chose to incorporate some mystery elements and it gave the book more charm. The plot had some twists and turns, that kept me at the edge of my seat and it is not what I expect from erotic historical romance, but, don't get me wrong, it was bloody amazing choice to do so.

Some characters could have used some more development, but it wasn't a huge issue for me. It was refreshing to see a main character who was feminine, yet could stand for herself and for those who she loved, she had her opinion and wasn't afraid to defend it.

I think you should try it, if you like historical romances.