Wishapick: Tickety Boo and the Black Trunk by M.M.Allen

Wishapick: Tickety Boo and the Black Trunk - M.M. Allen

Darkness. Utter blackness. Was this why his mother had refused to let Jack unlock his father’s old trunk? It had been two years since his dad had died, and all Jack could think about was examining whatever treasures were stored inside the beloved trunk. But when he finally lifted the lid, he didn’t just fall in—he fell through it into a pit of rattlesnakes!

Trying to recall his mother’s stories about “the Breath of All Good Things”—anything to shed light on his current situation—Jack wishes he’d paid better attention rather than mock the tales as childish myths…and that he’d waited to enter the trunk with his sister, Lilly, so they could at least face this together.


*I won this book on Goodreads giveaway*

It is strange for me to say, but I think this book should have been longer, because as of right now, I'm not sure if even kids, with great imagination, would understand all that chaos that is going on in this book. Some parts of this story needs more explanation and backstory, because without it it looks like some random scenes put together.

Also even though it was full of action (to much, actually) it put me to sleep, and for adventure book I don't think that it is a good thing.

It can be a good book, but it needs more editing.