Evanescent by Chris Ross Leong

Evanescent: A Novel - Chris Ross Leong

Trevor Norton is totally burnt out. He takes a simple road trip out of the city just to give himself a break and runs into a lot more than he ever wanted.

A mysterious and crazy young woman hides a tragic secret - an entire village torn apart
and pure love, brutally ended.

Only the barest embers remain. And they’re dying away fast. Can Trevor save her, and himself, in time?



* I've got this book during Goodreads giveaway, but that will not affect my opinion. *

When I read the description of this book, I thought that it will be a mysterious, spooky read about a village and its people. However it was totally different from what I expected. Instead I've got a some sort of photographer diary and a lot of description, how he took photos. Don't get me wrong, I like photography it is my hobby, but for a fiction book some parts of this book were too technical. Actually for those, who are not interested in photography it can be utterly boring.

For me there were nothing intriguing about this book, no mystery, no description and zero character development. And I mean literally NO character development. Why this girl was crazy ? For me she looked totally normal, just grieving. Who she was ? We didn't get any explanation about her or her past, we get only her name and nothing more about her. What about other villagers ? Why they are what, they are ? Nothing, zero information.

In my opinion this can be good, but it needs more editing.