No Braking My Heart by Kate Angell

No Breaking My Heart (Barefoot William Beach) - Kate Angell

Professional baseball player Halo Todd doesn't like failure, but he can never turn down a challenge. Especially when there's a pretty woman involved. How else would he end up dressed as a rooster, helping a complete stranger compete on a wacky game show? Even when they're eliminated after the first round, Halo isn't about to lose the girl…

Alyn is stunned when gorgeous, generous Halo whisks her off for a dream vacation to the beach--she's been let down by friends and even family so many times, she's lost count. Later, he offers to lend a hand getting her vintage shop up and running. But his constant--and ridiculous--purchases are the last thing she needs. How can she convince the stubborn man that she doesn't need his help--not when all she wants is his heart…


* I've got this book from NetGalley in exchange of an honest review*

I didn't like this book at all. The main male character was cocky, pushy, acted like a stalker. It makes me furious when the guy decides that he knows better what a woman wants and if she says "no", that in his stupid mind this word means "later".


The main female character was unmemorable and boring, couldn't protect her opinion. She did everything what the guy pushed her to do.


The story was also ridiculous. After few weeks of hanging out they fell in love... Come on, this couple, if I can call them couple, spent just few hours together, other times they were with family members of friends and barely exchanged few sentences. I don't understand for what they loved each other. For good looks ?

Do not recommend this book.