Beauty and the Clockwork Beast by Nancy Campbell Allen

Beauty and the Clockwork Beast (Steampunk Proper Romance) - Nancy Campbell Allen

Jane Eyre meets Beauty and the Beast.

When Lucy Pickett arrives at Blackwell Manor to tend to her ailing cousin, Kate, she finds more than she bargained for. A restless ghost roams the hallways, werewolves have been reported in the area, and vampires lurk across the Scottish border. Lord Miles himself is clearly hiding a secret. He is brash and inhospitable, and does not take kindly to visitors—even one as smart and attractive as Miss Pickett. He is unsettled by the mysterious deaths of his new wife, Clara, and his sister, Marie. Working together, Miles and Lucy attempt to restore peace to Blackwell Manor. But can Lucy solve the mystery of Miles? Can she love the man—beast and all?


*I've got this book from net Galley in exchange of an honest review*


It was the first time that I read steampunk romance, so I didn't know what to expect from it. At first I was a little bit confused and didn't understand what was going on, that's why it was hard to get in to this book. But after forcing myself to read at least first 30 pages something clicked in my head and the I was hooked and I couldn't put this book down.

First and foremost, I was fascinated by how strong and confident was a female lead in this book. She was smart, could stand for herself, her family and friends, wasn't squeamish and didn't let anyone to decide her future for her.

I loved that author chose to include shape-shifter, vampires and ghost. That decision made this even more interesting. I was captivated buy all that steampunk elements and will definitely try to read more books in this series.


Do I recommend it? Of course.