Love to Hate You by Anna Premolli

Love to Hate You - Anna Premoli

Jennifer and Ian have known each other for seven years, and they've always been at war. They are leaders of two different teams in the same merchant bank, and are engaged in a running battle to be number one.

Until one day, they are forced to work on the same project, managing the money of a rich aristocrat. They have to spend a lot of time together, even outside office hours. Ian is the most wealthy and sought-after bachelor in London, and an innocent evening spent at the same table is enough to land him and Jennifer on the gossip pages of a tabloid.

Much to his surprise, Ian starts to realise that being with Jenny could have its benefits: the photos have discouraged all the vacuous girls that usually flock to him. Pleased to be rid of them, Ian makes Jenny an offer she can't refuse: to have free reign of their rich client if she pretends to be his girlfriend. But soon, it becomes more and more difficult to tell the difference between fiction and reality...


*I've got this book from NetGalley in exchange of an honest review*


First part of the book was actually quite good. But after reaching a middle everything got down the hill. At the beginning the main character looked confident and could stand for herself, but then everything changed and it was like reading about different person. She acted like a teenager, and constantly got on my nerves.

 The other big issue for me was a relationship between to main characters. It was painful to read at times. The guy couldn't take "no" for an answer and pushed her to do things that she clearly say she don't want to do.

Also I'm tired of seeing a "I'm smart, that's why I can't be pretty and wear make up" trope. It is just absurd.


Definitely do not recommend.