Night Draws In by C.H. Alexander

Night Draws In  - Jeffrey C. Alexander

Dark things. Things that should only live in fantasy. The Nain Rouge was recently sighted in Detroit and a Loupe Garou is rumored to hunt the woods near Mackinaw. A suicide cluster haunts Washtenaw County.

Angela is a changeling, fostered by the Fae and recently returned from the Twilight Realm. Raised to fight dragons and still healing from the passage to the human world, she struggles to catch up to the life she never lived.


Lydia is underestimated by many because of her deformity. Determined and intelligent, her innate skepticism cannot prevent her hobby of stage magic evolving into something more real.

Bailey is a transgender teen impatient to transition, doing his best to keep a low profile until he can. He is haunted by dreams and premonitions of a menacing evil.

They are drawn together by the collective realization that the apparent suicide of a classmate has a far more paranormal origin than simply being part of a cluster.
Hunted by supernatural predators that want to end them before they reach their heroic potential, these teenagers will have to travel to Fairy and back if they want to survive long enough to save the world.


* I've got this book from NetGalley in exchange of an honest review*

Well...I didn't like this book at all. I managed to read half of it and then just couldn't force myself to read more.
It is like book about nothing. I mean it, nothing happened during those pages that I've read. Some nightmares, and that's it. The characters were boring and there were no character development at all.

Don't recommend.