Update of Bout of Books readathon day 3

One more day done for Bout of Books readathon and it was quite hard, because I didn't want to read at all. 

However I still managed to:


1) finish last 100 pages of a book, that I started before the readathon and it is "Brownies & Betrayal" by Heather Justesen. It was a great read for a sunny day. Fluffy, cute and sometimes funny. Also I liked that it included some receipts for desserts, that were mentioned in the book, I think I'll try some of them one day.


2) start "The Turning" by Jennifer Armintrout and read 48 pages. It is a book about vampires and I liked it so far. 


289 + 137 + 148 = 574 pages in total. 




Bout of Books