Few thoughts about "Fear of Falling" by S.L. Jennings

Fear of Falling - S.L. Jennings

A day after finishing this book, I still debating whether to give 1 star or leave it at 2. That's how bad it was, in my humble opinion. Well, I think, I will be generous and leave it at 2 stars, because I found few quotes, that I liked. Actually, it was the only thing that I liked in this book. But let's start from the beginning.
Firstly, I think, it was too over the top and unrealistic, that it actually reminded me a badly made soap opera, than a real world. I thought, that it would be a book about a heavy topic, like surviving after traumatic events, like abuse, rape and so on. And it could have been great book, because it had a potential. However when every serious topic ended in a sex scene, I was furious, because it was unnecessary and distracting.
And that leads me to another thing, that made me cringe. The main male character didn't understand a word "no". Even when a main female character repeated several times, that she does NOT want to do certain things, he pushed it until he got what he want. That is not how I understand healthy relationship. And the worst part, that it was portrayed as if that was totally fine, because main character "loved her" and she just didn't understand, what she need, and that he almost knew what is best for her...Come on? Seriously?
Also there were a lot of typical tropes, like a bad gay deep in his heart is totally angelic and only a "good" girl can find that. And there were so much more... Also the words, that author chose to use made me role my eyes a few times. For example, the phrasing "he marked me", that automatically made me thing about a dog marking a tree...
So, if someone asks me, if it is worth reading, I would definitely not recommend wasting time on this.