Driving Miss Crazy by D.J. Van Oss

Driving Miss Crazy  - D.J. Van Oss

She wants to go places. He's got the car. If only things were that simple.
Widowed father Adrian Adams isn’t looking to change his life. He just wants to keep his seven-year-old daughter Charlie safe and happy. The last thing he expects is to suddenly lose his job as a driver for the Washington DC diplomatic community. Luckily, he’s offered a new embassy driving assignment, one that starts with a tea cup-and-tie collision with a clumsy, cute, and oddly charming Irish woman with a penchant for talking to squirrels.

Maggie MacNally always seems to fall short, especially when it comes to her family’s expectations. She’s bracing again for disappointment as she tries to forge a new life in DC. Then an out-of-the-blue summons from her influential grandmother offers her one last chance at success—a chance that puts her in Adrian’s back seat and on the road to a career in the family business of international diplomacy.

Is Maggie finally headed where she wants to go, or is her big opportunity just another wrong turn? Is Adrian ready to take a second chance at love, or is he determined to put on the brakes before Maggie drives him crazy? And what's with all the squirrels?


* I've got this book from NetGalley in exchange of an honest review*


I didn't have much expectations for this book. I thought that it will be just like other chick-lit books, fluffy, funny, over dramatic. But I didn't expect to like it as much as I did.


One thing that I liked the most about it was, that there were no instalove. The relationship between main characters begins with a friendship and it was so refreshing. Of course this book was fluffy, funny and sweet, but nothing too over the top and it is always a plus from me.


I can't say that it was perfect, of course there were some issues and the ending was a little bit too rushed.


Do I recommend it ? Yes.