Winter is Coming by Carolyne Larrington

Winter is Coming: The Medieval World of Game of Thrones - Carolyne Larrington

Game of Thrones is a phenomenon. As Carolyne Larrington reveals in this essential companion to George R R Martin s fantasy novels and the HBO mega-hit series based on them the show is the epitome of water-cooler TV. It is the subject of intense debate in national newspapers and by bloggers and cultural commentators contesting the series startling portrayals of power, sex and gender. Yet no book has divulged how George R R Martin constructed his remarkable universe out of the Middle Ages. Discussing novels and TV series alike, Larrington explores among other topics: sigils, giants, dragons and direwolves in medieval texts; ravens, old gods and the Weirwood in Norse myth; and a gothic, exotic orient in the eastern continent, Essos. From the White Walkers to the Red Woman, from Casterley Rock to the Shivering Sea, this is an indispensable guide to the twenty-first century s most important fantasy creation."


*I've got this book from Netgalley for an honest review.*

I really love the "A song of ice and fire" series, but for me this book was just ok. There were some interesting facts, but for me it was like sitting in a lecture were professor gives just some dry facts. So for most of this book I was bored, and finally started to skip pages. Also it could have been shorter, because there were some parts, that author repeated herself.
Off course some might enjoy this more than I did, but just be aware that you have to read all the series before starting this one, because it might spoil some things.

Do I recommend it ? I guess, you can give it a try.