"Wolfking" by Sarah Rayne

Wolfking - Sarah Rayne

Wolfking is an epic fantasy adventure and the first of a gripping quartet of novels that invoke Celtic tones of Ancient Ireland. Join with Joanna as she learns of her ancient heritage to fight against evil and tyranny and bring balance and honor back to Ancient Ireland.


*I've got this book from NetGalley in exchange of an honest review*

I can't stand this book anymore, if I force myself to read it, I will loose my sanity. Where do I begin ?
Firstly the story was strange,boring and confusing. I couldn't understand what was going on for almost all the time I was reading it, because perspectives changed in almost every sentence. Let's say first sentence in the paragraph is about a main character in the room with her family and the second sentence in the same paragraph is about some other guy talking with somebody.

Secondly, I think, author had to choose if she wanted to write a story in first person, second or third, but not to write in all of them. For example "she walked through the woods. But I didn't feel afraid. You should know how that feels". That jumping from one to the other just got on my nerves and distracted from the story.

Thirdly, instead of showing how characters felt, the author chose to just say it. For example "I feel afraid" and then go on with description of the nature. That disconnected me from the story completely, because I couldn't care less what will happen to all of the characters.

Do I recommend it ? Definitely no.