Update of Bout of Books readathon day 2

Like I predicted, after reading so much on Monday, my reading slowed down yesterday. I realized, that, if I push myself too much to read, it becomes more like a chore, not a pleasure. And because of that, I don't want to get it to a reading slump.


However I still managed to read last 137 pages of "Room" by Emma Donoghue. It is my first finished book for Bout of Book readathon and I'm very proud of it. Like I said in my previous update, I didn't like it as much as I expected and, in my humble opinion, it could have been shorter, but still it was a grate read. Nothing ground braking, but enjoyable and unique ( it was unusual to read a book from five year old boys perspective).

289 + 137 = 426 pages in total.

Bout of Books