Update of Bout of Books readathon day 1

I survived day 1 of Bout of Books by reading loads. However this reading non stop burns me out a little bit. So today, I will read without pressuring myself and maybe read less, but with much more joy. 


So yesterday (Day 1) I managed to read:


1. 37 pages of "Brownies & Betrayal" by Heather Justesen. I quite enjoying it so far. There is nothing groundbraking about this book, but still it made me smile more than few times, so it's a huge plus from me.


2. 252 pages of "Room" by Emma Donoghue.  I don't say I am disappointed, but I was expecting a little bit more from this book, because of all the hype I was hearing around me. I have to say, that I liked movie more, which is unfortunate. However it is still a 4 star read to me. 


37 + 252 = 289 pages in total.



Bout of Books