Review of Bird Box

Bird Box - Josh Malerman

Well I have mixed feelings about it. Firstly I liked the idea of this book, mystery and atmosphere that it created. However at times it felt too rushed (like in the ending), sometimes I was bored (somewhere in the middle). There were so much, that could have been done to this book, instead it provided more questions than the answers. Like why these events happening ? What can be done ? and much more...And when I reached the end I was like "is that it ?" it felt like halve of the ending was missing, like there were printing mistake. And other thing that drove me crazy at times was the repetition of pronouns, almost every sentence started with "she" and at times it was repeated in one sentence a few times.

So... Am I recommending this book ? Yes, for those who like horror and mystery, but just don't expect too much of it :)

Happy reading