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Reading progress update: I've read 33%.

Mirror Image: A Novel - Michael Scott

why it can't be just a good old horror story ? It would be so much better without that fantasy and thriller elements. Just stick to one genre.... So annoying :/

Reading progress update: I've read 8%.

Mirror Image: A Novel - Michael Scott

Right now it is just OK to me. Nothing scary is happening at this moment, but I'm curious to see what will happen next. So, I will be definitely continuing with this book.

Reading progress update: I've read 42 out of 384 pages.

Skarabėjo produkcija - Peter James, Paulina Kruglinskienė

Too many characters, too many jumping from one perspective to another, too many chaos... I will give this book one more day to prove me that it is worth reading and if not I'm dnf-ing it...

Sweet Surprise by Shirlee McCoy

Sweet Surprises - Shirlee McCoy

In Benevolence, Washington, the Lamont family's delectable handmade chocolates are a precious tradition--and always a reason to return home. And for the most rebellious of the three Lamont sisters, they provide a chance to create a tempting new future, complete with delicious happiness…

Neighbors always ready to help, a laid-back pace--former model Brenna Lamont needs everything that once made her leave her hometown. To help her pregnant sister Addie, Brenna is back to run the family store, Chocolate Haven, and figure out how to start over. But she just can't make the one-of-a-kind Lamont fudge…or make herself really fit in. And with handsome restaurateur River Maynard causing her troubles to boil over big time, can Brenna risk going after what she really wants?

River already has his hands full helping his ailing foster mother save her ranch for troubled children. He's got no time for anything but reality and hard choices. But somehow, a daily dose of Lamont chocolates is helping his mom feel better. And Brenna's kindness and warmth is making him hungry for an unexpected new dream only she and Benevolence's magical sweetness can make come true . . .



*I've got this book from NetGalley in exchange of a honest review*

I didn't expect to like it as much as I did. I like stories about little towns and this one was no exception. All of the characters were interesting and unique.
I have to mention that it is the second book in the series and I haven't read the first one, but I didn't have any problems understanding what was going on.
Off course this book isn't life changing piece of literature, but enjoyable non the less.
The main reason why I didn't gave it 5 stars is that the ending was a little bit too rushed, and there were some parts that needed more explaining.

Do I recommend it ? Yes.

This Last Kiss by Madeleine Reiss

This Last Kiss: You Can't Run from True Love for Ever - Madeleine Reiss

As original as One Day and as heartbreaking as Me Before You, This Last Kiss is the perfect emotional and romantic read.

Rora Raine is finally coming home to Hastings, twelve years after she left her grief-stricken father, and fled the love of her life, Carl.

Struggling to support her bright but troubled daughter, Rora has convinced herself she'll never love again.

When she meets a bumblingly charming stranger, Rora's heart begins to thaw.

But, try as she might, she can't run from true love forever.

Funny, warm-hearted and soaringly romantic, This Last Kiss is the redemptive story of two star-crossed lovers, told through each and every kiss they share.


*I've got this book from NetGalley in exchange of a honest review*

First time I don't have to say about a book, because it was so unmemorable. It says that it is similar to Me Before You, but actually it is far from the truth.

From the beginning I felt like the author tried to much to create drama, but actually it became sad and morbid, also there were nothing romantic about this book. Don't get me wrong I like sad stories, but this one wasn't good. Actually, for me it was too boring and in the end I started to skip pages.

Don't recommend.

Driving Miss Crazy by D.J. Van Oss

Driving Miss Crazy  - D.J. Van Oss

She wants to go places. He's got the car. If only things were that simple.
Widowed father Adrian Adams isn’t looking to change his life. He just wants to keep his seven-year-old daughter Charlie safe and happy. The last thing he expects is to suddenly lose his job as a driver for the Washington DC diplomatic community. Luckily, he’s offered a new embassy driving assignment, one that starts with a tea cup-and-tie collision with a clumsy, cute, and oddly charming Irish woman with a penchant for talking to squirrels.

Maggie MacNally always seems to fall short, especially when it comes to her family’s expectations. She’s bracing again for disappointment as she tries to forge a new life in DC. Then an out-of-the-blue summons from her influential grandmother offers her one last chance at success—a chance that puts her in Adrian’s back seat and on the road to a career in the family business of international diplomacy.

Is Maggie finally headed where she wants to go, or is her big opportunity just another wrong turn? Is Adrian ready to take a second chance at love, or is he determined to put on the brakes before Maggie drives him crazy? And what's with all the squirrels?


* I've got this book from NetGalley in exchange of an honest review*


I didn't have much expectations for this book. I thought that it will be just like other chick-lit books, fluffy, funny, over dramatic. But I didn't expect to like it as much as I did.


One thing that I liked the most about it was, that there were no instalove. The relationship between main characters begins with a friendship and it was so refreshing. Of course this book was fluffy, funny and sweet, but nothing too over the top and it is always a plus from me.


I can't say that it was perfect, of course there were some issues and the ending was a little bit too rushed.


Do I recommend it ? Yes.

Love to Hate You by Anna Premolli

Love to Hate You - Anna Premoli

Jennifer and Ian have known each other for seven years, and they've always been at war. They are leaders of two different teams in the same merchant bank, and are engaged in a running battle to be number one.

Until one day, they are forced to work on the same project, managing the money of a rich aristocrat. They have to spend a lot of time together, even outside office hours. Ian is the most wealthy and sought-after bachelor in London, and an innocent evening spent at the same table is enough to land him and Jennifer on the gossip pages of a tabloid.

Much to his surprise, Ian starts to realise that being with Jenny could have its benefits: the photos have discouraged all the vacuous girls that usually flock to him. Pleased to be rid of them, Ian makes Jenny an offer she can't refuse: to have free reign of their rich client if she pretends to be his girlfriend. But soon, it becomes more and more difficult to tell the difference between fiction and reality...


*I've got this book from NetGalley in exchange of an honest review*


First part of the book was actually quite good. But after reaching a middle everything got down the hill. At the beginning the main character looked confident and could stand for herself, but then everything changed and it was like reading about different person. She acted like a teenager, and constantly got on my nerves.

 The other big issue for me was a relationship between to main characters. It was painful to read at times. The guy couldn't take "no" for an answer and pushed her to do things that she clearly say she don't want to do.

Also I'm tired of seeing a "I'm smart, that's why I can't be pretty and wear make up" trope. It is just absurd.


Definitely do not recommend.

Night Draws In by C.H. Alexander

Night Draws In  - Jeffrey C. Alexander

Dark things. Things that should only live in fantasy. The Nain Rouge was recently sighted in Detroit and a Loupe Garou is rumored to hunt the woods near Mackinaw. A suicide cluster haunts Washtenaw County.

Angela is a changeling, fostered by the Fae and recently returned from the Twilight Realm. Raised to fight dragons and still healing from the passage to the human world, she struggles to catch up to the life she never lived.


Lydia is underestimated by many because of her deformity. Determined and intelligent, her innate skepticism cannot prevent her hobby of stage magic evolving into something more real.

Bailey is a transgender teen impatient to transition, doing his best to keep a low profile until he can. He is haunted by dreams and premonitions of a menacing evil.

They are drawn together by the collective realization that the apparent suicide of a classmate has a far more paranormal origin than simply being part of a cluster.
Hunted by supernatural predators that want to end them before they reach their heroic potential, these teenagers will have to travel to Fairy and back if they want to survive long enough to save the world.


* I've got this book from NetGalley in exchange of an honest review*

Well...I didn't like this book at all. I managed to read half of it and then just couldn't force myself to read more.
It is like book about nothing. I mean it, nothing happened during those pages that I've read. Some nightmares, and that's it. The characters were boring and there were no character development at all.

Don't recommend.

The Lady Who Saw Too Much by Thomasine Rappold

The Lady Who Saw Too Much - Thomasine Rappold

Cursed with prophetic visions and desperate to atone for a death she could have prevented, Gianna York swears she will never again ignore the chance to save a life. When she is hired by Landen Elmsworth to serve as companion to his sister, Gia repeatedly sees the image of her employer's lifeless corpse floating in Misty Lake. As subsequent visions reveal more details, Gia soon realizes her best chance to save this difficult man is by becoming his wife.

At first, Landen Elmsworth believes the fetching Miss York might be right for a meaningless dalliance, but he grossly underestimates her capacity for cunning and soon finds himself bound until death to a woman he may never be able to trust. Yet in the dark of their bedroom they discover an undeniable passion--and a capacity to forge their own destiny . . .


* I've got this book from NetGalley in exchange of an honest review*

It is a second book in a "Soul Survivor", but I feel, that you can read it as a standalone book, because I didn't read the first book and I didn't get any problems with understanding what is going on in the second book.

I like the main character Gia, because of how strong she was, how she stand for herself and her believes. Also I liked how after what she experienced in her life, she still was willing to help others.

I didn't expect to like this book as much as I did and now I want to read other books in this series.

Do I recommend it? Yes.

Haunted Bridges by Rich Newman

Haunted Bridges: Over 300 of America's Creepiest Crossings - Rich Newman

Tucked away in the countryside, hundreds of old bridges harbor some of the creepiest paranormal activity known to man. Sometimes there's a ghost; other times a mysterious light. At some bridges there's a voice crying out in the darkness that sends a chill down the spine of anybody who hears it.

Haunted Bridges shares the stories that are told in hushed tones around hearths and campfires as we ponder the mysteries of the afterlife late into the night. The stories are at once mesmerizing, unique, and unexpectedly familiar, as if we all know deep down that fate keeps some spirits bound to earth. And if you know where to look—and if you can endure the fear—you will experience the dread and fascination of the unexplained.


* I've got this book from NetGalley in exchange of an honest review*


I am very attracted to mystical and paranormal things, so I was very happy to read this book. However I was absolutely disappointed.

Every paragraph was the same story, just with a different bridge name. After few chapters it was enough for me to read first paragraph to know what it all be about. I wish there were more witness testimony, also that every story were more researched. Because now it was just like - this and that bridge is haunted, because someone died here. People see ghost. Next! Actually it reminded me more of a case file than a book. It got to a point were this book started to put me to sleep, then I decided that it is enough to torture myself.


Do not recommend.

Lady of the Highway by Deborah Swift

Lady of the Highway - Deborah Swift

*I've got this book from NetGalley in exchange of an honest review*


I liked the idea of this book and the setting (around 1650), because I'm interested in strong females in that time period and this book has a potential to be great. However I was disappointed, because the main character reminded me of a headless chicken running around in all directions, she did things without thinking and put not only herself, but also her friends in danger and let them take the blame for her. Finally it got to the point where I didn't even care what will happen to this lady.

Also I felt bored through almost all of the book and at some points I just skipped the pages. I wish there were more scenes about highway robbery, more secrecy and intrigues, but instead it just was plain boring.


Do I recommend this book ? No.


The Haunted Stepsister by Medeia Sharif

The Haunted Stepsister - Kelly Hashway, Medeia Sharif, Fiona Jayde

Sixth grade isn’t easy for Jesenya Moradi, especially since her father's recent remarriage and tension with her new stepsister, Kammy. After an incident at school that nearly destroyed Kammy's life, Jess has been desperate to get on Kammy’s good side. But a fateful trip to an allegedly haunted bathroom changes both girls’ lives forever.
The rumors about the bathroom are true, and now Jess is convinced a demon's possessing Kammy. Eerie things happen whenever she's around – flying objects, flickering lights, not to mention the fact that something, or someone, is making people into its puppets.
Worse, the demon seems fixated on making Jess confess her part in ruining Kammy's reputation. Sticking to her Muslim faith, Jess enlists the help of an imam to exorcise the demon from Kammy. But can they get rid of the demon before it destroys her new family?


*I've got this book from NetGalley in exchange of an honest review*

For me it was a very disappointing read. I wasn't massive fan of a writing style, for me it felt a little bit clumsy and carelessly written. I think there should have been made a little more effort in researching how does exorcisms or blessings of a house are performed if you involve the christian church, because those scenes in this book made me cringe. Also there were other scenes in this book, that didn't make any sense. And talking about the characters - well, I didn't like any of them.
Also the ending of this book was too rushed and left a lot of unanswered questions.

Do I recommend it ? No



Strange History by Bathroom Readers' Institute

Strange History - Bathroom Readers' Institute

The fifth book in the popular Uncle John’s Briefs series contains the strangest short history articles from over 30 Bathroom Readers—along with 50 all-new pages. From the 20th century to the Old West, from the Age of Enlightenment to the Dark Ages, from ancient cultures all the way back to the dawn of time, Strange History is overflowing with mysterious artifacts, macabre legends, kooky inventions, reality-challenged rulers, boneheaded blunders, and mind-blowing facts.


*I've got this book from NetGalley in exchange of an honest review*

This book was quite an entertaining read, however there were some "facts" that didn't sound like reality, so I tried to do my research and find more about them, however I didn't found any proof of them. That's why I would recommend to not look at this book and what's in it too seriously, or at least do your research first.
However I still recommend this book for a mood lifter, because there were definitely some stories that made me smile.
It is a great book for coffee table or at a waiting room in doctors office, because you don't have to read it from start to finish in order to understand what it is about, all the stories are short and each of them talk about different topics.


50 Ways to Yay! by Alexi Panos

50 Ways to Yay!: Transformative Tools for a Whole Lot of Happy - Alexi Panos

Effervescent TV host, model, and inspirational vlogger Alexi Panos has helped thousands with their own search for personal happiness. In 50 Ways to Yay!, Alexi, recently named one of eleven Noteworthy Millenials in the Huffington Post, helps you do the same with fifty inspired and thought-provoking lessons and exercises to help you break out of the ordinary and jump into the extraordinary.


*I've got this book from NetGalley in exchange of a honest review*

Firstly, I have to say, that I didn't expect to like it as much as I did. The things that I liked were short but informative, helpful and inspirational chapters, also at the and of each chapter there were practical tasks, that you could do to improve your life.
Of course, for me, who read a lot of self-help books, there weren't something new to learn, but still it gave me inspiration and motivation to be better version of me. For those who, just starts to read these kind of books it could be exceptionally helpful.

Do I recommend it ? Of course.

Did you heard about it ?!

Some man decided if a girl wears makeup then she can't be a reader...WHAT ?!

 IT's on Lainey's (gingerreadlainey on youtube) Twitter page. I was shocked how things like this still can happen.

The Haunted Pub by Melanie Tushmore

The Haunted Pub - Melanie Tushmore

Suffering from depression, and going through a rough time because of it, Fizz's misery culminates in his parents throwing him out, leaving him with two bags, twenty pounds, and nowhere to go. Desperate, he calls his brother, who takes him to The Queen Anne's Revenge, where Fizz winds up living in a room that hasn't had a human habitant for more years than anyone can actually count—a room that seems to already have an occupant…


*I've got this book from NetGalley in exchange of an honest review*

Firstly, I have to say, that I didn't expect to like this book as much as I did, however I have to warn you, that it can be triggering, because it deals with depression.
Secondly I didn't like the main character Fizz. I know he was depressed, but actually at some parts he reminded me more of a whining teenager, than a person with a mental illness, and believe me, when I say I know what depression is, because I had it myself. Other than that, I liked all the remaining characters in this book. I liked how diverse and interesting they were, how they developed feeling for each other during this book, how caring and nice they were.
Thirdly, I liked the plot and the idea of a haunting in the pub. It was gripping and interesting, sometimes made me smile and sometimes it was proper creepy, but it surrounded the romance rather than haunting itself and only in the ending there were more paranormal events. However, because the romance was done well I enjoyed this book none the less. And talking about the ending of a book, I think, it was a little bit rushed. There were still a lot of question unanswered, some things didn't make a lot of sense and needed more explanation.

Do I recommend this book ? Yes, if you like romance and ghosts.


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